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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Do Not Forget About WhatsApp, Such Video, Can Be Closed Account - Whatsapp News

Whatsapp has said that child pornography is quite abhorrent and there is no place for it on our platform.
Do not forget about WhatsApp, such video, can be closed account
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Whatsapp said that there is no place for child pornography on her messaging app and she has been taking strict steps to stop such content from spreading. It also involves discontinuing accounts based on users' complaint.

WotSpeed, terming child pornography as "abhorrent", said that he would investigate such crimes at the request of the agencies. A spokeswoman for Whatsapp said, "We can not see the messages that people send to each other, we can take other steps, including closure of accounts on the basis of complaint of users." He said that there is no place on our platform for child pornography.

The response from the company came after the comments of the Supreme Court. The court said on Thursday that the central government and veterans like Google, Microsoft and Facebook agree on the need to 'eliminate' rape, child pornography and objectionable content.

It states that for the purpose of implementation of the suggestions given by the Center, every unit will have to submit a draft or proposal of Standard Operating Procedure (SoP).

Justice Madan B. Lokur and U. U The bench of Lalit said, 'Everyone agrees that the video of child pornography, rape and gang rape must be removed from the root. On this basis, the proposal / draft of SOP will be prepared.

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