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Monday 3 December 2018

Whatsapp Latest News, Whatsapp allowed permission from RBI to pay payment service to all users

Whatsapp allowed permission from RBI to pay payment service to all users

Whatsapp has started testing the payment service with nearly one million users. However, this service of the company has not yet started in India.
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The WhatsApp Chief has written a letter to the Reserve Bank of India for the formal permission of all Indian users to start the payment service. There are 20 million users of Whatsapp in the country.

Whatsapp has faced criticism of the government for its alleged spread of fake news and messages through its platform.

The Messaging App started testing service with nearly one million users. Although many months passed, he did not get the approval from the regulator to start this service. The popular app is in touch with the government for its plans of payment facility for nearly two years.

At the same time, its rival, Google, Google has stepped up its payment services. Whatsapp is currently operating payment services on an experimental basis.

The company's chief Chris Daniel has now written a letter to RBI asking all the users in the country to give formal permission to make payment service available.

In an address to the RBI governor, Daniel said, "I urge you to give formal permission to start the payment product that runs on WhitsAP's Bhima UPI (Unified Payment Interface) to all Indian users immediately. At the same time, give us the opportunity to present a useful and safe service that improves the lives of Indian people through digital empowerment and financial inclusion.

In a letter written on November 5, it has been said that the partners of WhatsAppAppe have written the letter for formal permission. Speaking on the occasion, a spokeswoman for Whatsapp said, "In today's time, there are about one million people waiting for Whatsapp payment services in India. People's response is very positive and people are also taking advantage of the facility of sending money in a normal and secure manner like the message.

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