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Monday 7 January 2019

How to see sugarcane slip, How to check the calendar of sugarcane 2019

How to see sugarcane calendars

Hello friends, I have started working on the calendar for the mill factory to start working on it. It has been possible to publish a full catalog of pics that have been added to the calendar, but it is also possible for people to join the calendar as soon as possible.

Many people do not know how to see the sugarcane slip calendar. So friends know how the Sugar Mill can be seen in the sugarcane calendar.

Sugar Mill How Can The Sugar Slip Calendar Get Out

Friends, this information which I will give you about the removal of the calendar is only for the Deputy (Uttar Pradesh).

Method 1

For more information about Ganna Parchi Calendar, please do not hesitate to contact us at your current factory Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd. Do you want to get to Calendar for banner at
ganna calendar kaise nikale
There you are going to have a screen show. Please click on the button next to your calendar. If you want to make a selection of your sugar mill, select the option. If you want to use a factory, you can use it to use it.

To select your login button, click on the button to go to the search by clicking on the name of the village or you can login to the new code or contact code.

After logging in, you will have a dashboard show which can be viewed by clicking on the calendar below.

Method 2

ganna parchi kaise dekhe
Ganna can also see the calendar on the calendar website. It is very important that the website does not appear in the busy area. So you can go to the website of the Society where you can see it.

Please click on the link to link us to your site. There you go to your factory in the factory where you got it. The lesson you can use to calculate the calendar is that you have a bank account before it's 4 digit number that will be sent to you.

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