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Thursday 10 January 2019

Petta movie review

Petta movie review

Petta Movie Synopsis: A hostel warden with a mysterious past is forced to take a politician and his son.
Petta movie review
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Petta Movie Review: Rajni has been ruthless for the last few years. After Andyren, at the end of the decade, the superstar made the Kochadian, motion capture animation film, Linga, a commercial film, which transformed the formula into parody, and, of course, Pa Ranjith's Kabbali and Kala, in which the actor was brought back. Gaya. , But could not decide whether he wanted to be a superstar movie or a director's film. True, Rajinikanth is a superb actor in a certain type of roles, as if he had starred in Mullum Malarum or Arilirundu Arrupu Varai, but let one come, be honest, he is not the only one who is called him superstar. It was films like Muratu Kailai, Mundur Mugam, Dharmathin Thalivan, Annamalai, Baasha, and Padayappa ... where he was an entertainer who first created a league of his own.

Kartik Subbaraj, a self-confessed, dead-hard fan, understands this. And that's why Petta works. The biggest hit of the original plot superstar - is the rebuild of Baasha. But Kartik Subbaraj gives a slight variation in this template and changes the film in an approximate fashion. Kali (Rajinikanth) is included in a college as a hostel warden and sets things in its playful way; Cupid plays a young couple (Megha Akash and Sanath), romance with the girl's mother (Simran) And puts the rowdy boys, under whose leadership there is a match, Michael (Bobby Simha) But he has more than meeting the eye. And soon, Kaili has to take a politician Singhar Singh (Navajuddin Siddiqui) of Uttar Pradesh and his son, Jitu (Vijay Sattupati).

Petta is less than a Kartik subbaraaj film, but it offers Rajni fans in such a way that they are dying to see him, celebrating Rajinikanth. Many times, it gives a director a sense of inquiry into fans' wish list - comic side of superstars, punch dialogue, action, and most importantly, style ... even casting Cast of Simran and Trisha, two Actresses who all felt Missed with a film with Rajinikanth, it seems.

This approach feels like the film's biggest hit collection in Rajinikanth, but it can never be complained. There are issues in the film, mostly the story. It's too long, and it takes some time to go (after a point, college scenes become an overkill); Songs are not really necessary; You also want the opponents were better written (Nawazuddin is not a Mark Antony, whereas Gethu is essentially present for Kartik Subbaraj Mutt) ... But, it gives us the thawar which we all love - the burden In. And enjoy playing the role of Rajinikanth, and we find out why he is superstar - as he had recently commented on 2.0. Petta succeeds where Linga fails - it sticks to the formula, but it also feels refreshing.

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