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Friday 8 February 2019

Get Unlimited Flame on Vigo Video or Hypstar | Tips and Tricks | Pro Tips 2019

Vigo Video Flam Tricks 2019

How to get more flames in Vigo videos in 2019 or earn unlimited from Vigo videos?
Before you start earning from Vigo Video, you should know about the Vigo Video Android app.
Unlimited Flame on Vigo Video Tricks

Vigo Video is a social media application where we can post our video in funny moments. Many Android users have already installed the app and have started earning. Flame is a point system of vigo video app that can be converted into real money. Today we are going to discuss flames and how to get it.

How to increase flame in vigo video

Each flame is equal to $ 15 and you must have a paypal account to extract the amount. To receive unlimited flames in the Vigo video, you have to follow the tips that are given below.

The best way to remove flames in Vigo video-

How to Get Unlimited Flame on Vigo Video or Hypstar Tips and Tricks

1. Upload Videos regularly: Regular does not mean uploading the same type of content. You have to create something new. If you can make funny videos you should create and upload to get more flames.

YouTube channel for vigo video support

2. Upload time: You should upload a video with a gap of 1 hour. Because searching the video is not like YouTube. The best time to upload a video in the evening is to give you lots of flaw.

3. Clickable Thumbnail: You should select the attractive and obvious thumbnail from the video. Attractive video thumbnails always get high clicks and generate maximum lightness in the VGA video app.

4. Share on video: To get traffic, share your videos on social media group and profile.

5. Tags High Adherent Account: To increase video access, always tag your video with a high follower account.

6. Use popular hashtags: Search for popular hashtags and use those videos for more flames

7. Do not copy videos: Never copy videos or upload copyright videos.

8. Do not change account name: Never change account name because vigo video is considered as spamming.

Hope the tips and tricks will help you get more flames in Vigo video.

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