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Wednesday 13 February 2019

Top 4 Website to Create a Free Blog in 2020 (Simple and Cool Guide For Beginners)

How to Create a Blog

In 2020, making a blog for someone and making it profitable is easier than ever.
Create a Free Blog in 2019
This is true, even if you are not technically knowledgeable, but do not know how to codify or understand the first thing about web design.

With a little guidance and some basic resources, you can create your own personal or business blog for less than 30 minutes after completing this article (but there is no need to do it quickly).

I keep holding you by hand and passing through every part of the process helps you avoid the common mistakes that make most of the new bloggers dead in their tracks.

sound good?

So let's start

If you are curious about how much your blog will cost to start and maintain, its simple answer is $ 0 to $ 60 / year. I highly recommend that you choose the option of paid domains and hosting, but you have the option to start it for free to test water.

Why start the blog? what's in it for you?

When I first started this blog, then my purpose was simple.

I wanted to teach people how to navigate the difficult (and at least moral) world of blogging and web development.

Over time, my site started to steam, eventually attracted new customers to my company and gave me the opportunity to leave my day job and pursue blogging all the time.

However, there are innumerable reasons for various reasons that you can decide to start a blog only to earn money in your two-week notice.

for example:

The habit of blogging constantly will make you a better writer
If you find the right place, you can make a full-time passive income
A high-traffic blog makes an excellent addition to your resume
You have the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise
You can make important connections and increase your network
And it's fun!
By then and till the sun rises and the moon rises, I can know about the benefits of blogging, but I think that you have an idea.


Blogging is great and it has the power to change your life.

Assuming that you want to start your blog today, the exact steps have been taken here.

Decide - Create a free blog or self-hosted blog?

As I mentioned in the introduction, the average size blog will cost $ 0 and $ 60 per year to start and maintain.

So yes, you can start your blog for nothing completely, but with most things of life-just because you should not mean it.

Let me explain ...

Yes, you can create a blog for free on many different platforms, like:


But before you break the above link and click "Sign Up", read the rest of this section!

Of course, these platforms are very good to test water and make some of your ideas solid in terms of content and design.

However, if you are serious about starting a profitable and successful blog, then you should avoid these platforms at all costs.

Here's why:

You have limited limits and totalitarian rights on your content in these "free" blogging platforms.

They are, first and foremost, business. And their main purpose is to launch a profit by using your website and by putting enough limitations on your account to sell it, which you are ultimately compelling in the "premium" or "unlimited" blog scheme.

The plans that are, are not often high, wildly override and weak under-lasers.

Without their costly upskills, your account will be limited to limited pallets and the number of very simple-to-designs, from which to choose, the "maximum" number of daily visits, limited storage and not all but any customer service.

And do not forget that these platforms have total control over your content.

So if you post something that is not like one of your friendly neighborhood website mediators, then your entire site (and all your data) can be removed in a moment.

Just think of that for a moment ...

You spend months and grind the time to develop your blog. Slowly but surely you receive a loyal visitor and customers. Then, they start rolling out with money-sponsored positions, paid advertisements, or their own products.

Things are going very well.

And then you accidentally violate the terms of service of your free web provider (see all the limits for and and your entire online business is actually lost in the garbage bin of interview....

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