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Sunday 17 February 2019

Mobile Number Portibility in Two Days Full Process For Any Sim | MNP Rules 2019

MNP New Rules by TRAI

Hello friends welcome in your own website Friends Today, many Network Providers are providing all the features in the whole world. Because of this, some companies are offering very good offers and some companies are not happy about their customers. So most customers want to leave that company and go to another company.

For this we have come up with some very important information for you Random Updates For MNP In such a situation, you are bringing bigger cellular companies like JIO, Airtel, IDEA, BSNL and many other companies that bring you new offers to keep you satisfied, like Deepawali Offers, New Year Offers, Holi Offers , Independence Day Offers, Republic Day offers etc.

Mobile Number Portibility in Two Days Full Process For Any Sim

get mnp code for trai new rules
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Most of these festivels give a lot of discount to all the companies, but some companies have a lot of expenses which can sometimes not happen in our budget. From which we all get their SIM card to port i.e. MNP In this Indian governement has introduced some new rules. About these, we are going to be a church today, will it be good for you, will it be bad for you? So let's know all the information about MNP New Rules 2019.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

New rules by trai

So friends TRAI who is in the form of all the DTH plans changed all SIM CARDS (mobile number portability) is changing. TRAI means Telecom Regulatory Authority of India This is also making changes in bulks. Now he is also doing this work for his Employe who gave him money. Friends, if you want to know all the new information about Mobile Number Portability, please read this whole information carefully.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Mnp New Rules
MNP New Rule
Friends, Mobile Number Portability means that switching or porting between any mobile opretor to another mobile opretor, after which the number is and the old number which was in the old will also be in the new one. Those who are here who have become Rules have changed.

Mobile Number Portibility

The new rule that the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has passed is publicly posted on December 13, 2018 and whenever the TRAI publicly posts something, it has to be completed within 180 days and it has to be activated.

If you take 180 days from 13 December 2018, then it is 6 months and if you have applied 6 months from 13 December 2018 to 11 June 2019. On 11th June 2019, Surrey Mobile Opretors will have to follow this thing i.e. after 11th day (6 months) it will have to be implemented and it will have to activate it.

For this reason, 6 months' time has been given to everyone, change your Infrastructure and Software, so Friends Mobile Number Portability has three people's implementation.
The first is your current opretor in which you are Donor Opretor, who is giving you a donation. In the second Opretor, whenever you have to do Mobile Number Portability.

So an sms (massege) from your own number, in which you have to send PORT <SPACE> 741 **** 225 to some kind of MASSEGE 1900. As soon as you send a massege, you get an UPC Code immediately, which is called Unique Porting Code, which is valid for 15 days today, but according to the new Rule which will now apply only 4 days valid .

This is the Porting Code, whenever you get it you will be taken from your DONOR Opretor. You have to convert someone in which you have to transfer, you will fill out the form by going there. If UPC Code is given then you will be converted to this Opretor.

Now you have to understand here that the UPC code that came in response to the message that you sent your port will work for 90 days i.e. you do not need to port the second time. With this, the facility which was valed in UPC Code for 15 days will now be 4 days i.e., in total, your SIM number will be activated in two days.

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