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Friday 29 March 2019

तलाक को हिंदी में क्या कहते है? What does talak say in Hindi?

What does talak say in Hindi?

When we get married in our Hindu society, it is considered to be with the birth of birth and birth. There is no substitute for breaking that relationship.

तलाक is an Urdu word, where marriage takes place there is तलाक.

Similarly, the Divorce is also English word, when the marriage breaks, there is a divor.

In Hinduism, the bondage of marriage is considered to be very sacred and after the restriction of bondage, it is also vowed to continue till seven lives.

This is the reason that there is no proper name for any word about breaking the marriage relationship.

If someone has to break a marriage, then any word written above can be considered as an option.

Divorce is an Urdu word which does not have any appropriate word in Hindi.

तलाक को हिंदी में क्या कहते है?

भारत में विवाह को सनातन काल से ही जन्म जन्मांतर का साथ माना जाता रहा है और उसमें तलाक जैसी कोई भी अवधारणा के लिए स्थान ही नहीं है

इस कारण तलाक का सटीक हिंदी अर्थ ढूंढना संभव ही नहीं है।

फिर भी विवाह विच्छेद को हम इसके समानार्थी कह सकते हैं।

Thank you ..

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