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Thursday 27 December 2018

All money will be cut, Big news for all bank customers, Please see

All money will be cut, Big news for all bank customers

If you ignore big news for all the special customers of today, then all the money will be cut, greet friends, all of you are welcome in our channel. Even if you have a bank account, even if the bank account belongs to any bank, you should still read this news till the end. Because there are so many fugitives with the customers of the bank that we want to tell you all about today, then read this news further.
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Nowadays it is being seen that money of people's bank account is suddenly cut, after which they get nervous when they get a message on their mobile. But those people lose all their money due to their mistake.

Actually this fraud has been done with their SIM card. Because most SIM cards are linked to balance balance and its advantage is done by hacking fraud.

Nowadays hackers have started a new business of money flows through mobile phones. Actually hackers call you saying that if you do not update the SIM card then your SIM card will be deactivated and hacker bank hacks will hack the account for this reason. 

After that, the mobile number goes to an OTP linked to the bank, which is taxable to put OTP on its website and to take all the money in your bank account book, so beware of this fraudulent call.

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