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Thursday 10 January 2019

Gola Gokarnath Shiva Temple ( Mandir ) | Gola Gokarnath Mandir Gola, Uttar Pradesh

Gola Gokarnath Shiv Temple

Gola Gokarnath is one of the well-known tehsils of the district of Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. Like some famous places, which get some name due to some characteristics, Gola Gokarnath also got its second name chhoti Kashi or Chotikashi. Namaskar Kashi is like Kashi because there are also many prestigious temples in it.
gola gokaran nath shiva temple
Gola Gokran nath
If it has been named chhoti Kashi then there is no doubt as it has many qualities like Kashi. Yes, Gola Gokarnath has many world famous temples.

Let's learn about the Shola temple of Gola Gokarnath. As the name indicates, the Shiva temple of Gola Gokarnath is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

About Gola Gokaran Nath Temple

Lakhimpur Gola Gokarna Nath Temple is a famous Hindu temple. It is said that Lord Shiva was pleased with Ravana's penance and Lord Shiva gave him a boon. At that time, Ravana requested Lord Shiva to be with him and leave the Himalaya forever. Lord Shiva accepted it with the condition that he should not be kept anywhere in the way of Lanka. If it was kept anywhere, then it would have settled in that place. Lord Shiva gave him one of twelve Jyotirlingas. Ravana agreed and started traveling to Lanka with God on his head. When Ravana reached this place, he felt the need to be present in nature's call. Ravana offered some gold coins to keep a cowboy (which was sent by Lord Ganesha deities) on Lord Shiva's head, until they returned. The shepherd (Lord Ganesha) put him on the ground. When Ravana failed to raise her in spite of all her efforts. He pressed his head with his thumb in his anger. By then, the mark of Ravan's thumb is present on Shivling.

Chaiti-Mela is a great fair to be held in the month of Chatra (April). The importance of Gokarnath Dham increases during the month of Shravan. During this period, lakhs devotees revolve around the sacred Shiva temple. Kanwaria first immerses himself in the pilgrimage lake (pond), and then enters the temple, where Ganga water is being supplied to Jyotirlingam. Other festivals celebrated here are the Gobind Nath Mela, Maha Shivratri Mela. It is one of the famous Hindu temples in India.

Story of Gola Gokarnath Shiva Temple

Almost every historical temple has a story related to it. In the same way the story of Lord Shiva and Ravana (Linga of Lanka) is also related to Gola Gokarnath's Shiva temple. Once Ravana pleased Lord Shiva with his penance and then Lord Shiva offered him a boon.

Ravana requested Lord Shiva to accompany him and leave the Himalaya for ever. Lord Shiva agreed to go with this condition that he should not be kept anywhere in the way of Lanka, if he would be kept anywhere, he would sit there. Ravana agreed and started the journey of Lanka by keeping Shivling on his head. When Ravana Gola reached Gokarnath, he felt the need to urinate. Therefore, Ravana offered Shivalinga to keep a shepherd on his head until he returns to some gold coins in exchange for his return. The shepherd could not bear the load and he put it on the ground. Ravan failed to take the Shivling from all his efforts and came in anger and pressed him with his thumb. The thumb impression of Ravana is still present on Shivling.

If you want to worship at Shiva temple in Gola Gokarnath, then the month of Chaitra (April) is the right time, because in this month a great fair is organized for one month which is called "Chetan-Mela".

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