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Friday 11 January 2019

How To Cast Android Screen On Laptop? Connect Mobile Screen To Laptop, Computer

How to CAST Android Mobile Screen to PC Laptop Screen

Hello friends, I welcome you all at Friends, as we know today, today's era is the digital era, every work is done by computer and internet, all of which have become very easy. In today's era, digitization is going very fast in today's post. You are about to tell that you can connect your wireless mobile to your Android mobile device and many people will not know about it, that they can see their mobile screen live in the laptop.
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How to cast android screen on laptop

So for this, let me tell that yes, friends can run the screen of your mobile on your laptop and that too for wireless you will not need any software or application. If you use Windows 10, it is very easy to do And in this post I am going to tell you how to do it, but keep in mind that this is just telling the users of windows 10 if you use window 10 then you follow the steps mentioned.

How to cast android screen to laptop using wifi

Step 1 :-

First of all, you have to go to your laptop or computer screen, and to search Friend Connect, you have to search by typing connect in the search bar in the side of the Start button, you can open it in another way. Look at the corner of the screen of your laptop or computer where you get the notification when you click on the notification, you will get the option to connect there too.

Step 2 :-

When you get the option of connect, you have to open it. Keep in mind that if you have to turn on your laptop or computer's WiFi then you have to open the connection as soon as you open the connect, it will start searching the new device. Work is done in your mobile.

Step 3 :-

Now you go to your mobile and you will get an option on it, cast or the wireless display has to enable it. If you do not find this option, then follow this step to go to mobile.
Setting >> More >> Wireless Display

When you are on the wireless display, it will show you how to enable wifi, make your yes tax by which wifi will be on. Now in your mobile you will show the name of your pc or laptop. Now you can see your own pc Or click on the name of the laptop.

As soon as you click, your phone will be connected to your laptop wireless. Now whatever you do in your phone, you will cast everything in the laptop. Now you enjoy its comfort even if you play games in your mobile play youtube You can see the screen of your mobile screen in the big screen.

Friends This is what I told you in this post called Miracast. This is the reason I wrote this post that many times we are many people and doing some thing or work in mobile, in this way, Taking advantage of you can see your mobile in the big screen, for which you do not need an app nor any wire connection I hope you have liked this post and it would be useful for you.

Thank you very much for reading this post. Please keep reading on and get the same information about how this post will be written and will give you your suggestion.

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