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Wednesday 16 January 2019

How To Increase RP In Pubg | Increase Royale Paas In Pubg Mobile Fast Tips For Beginners

Increase Royale Paas In Pubg Mobile Fast Tips For Beginners

In our PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Guide you need to know about the latest season updates, as well as the Free and Elite versions of the Royal Pass with Cost, Royale Points, Rewards, Missions and Ranks.
How To Increase RP In Pubg
Image by bluestacks and pubg
While PUBG is mobile - at its core - very traditional PUBG experience that you know and love on PC, it is also home to many special features which are not just present on its older brother, and the new Royale pass is easily now The most important to be launched.

Patch 0.6.0 introduced a new Royale pass free and elit versions in PUBG Mobile. If you are familiar with Fortnite's Bail Pass Progress System, then it is a system of PUBG which clearly works very well for Epic.

Essentially you can unlock Battle Points, Cosmetic Rewards and EXP Booster because you play games and rank your Free or Elite Royal Pass. The Free Royale Pass does not provide much in the way of the prize, and unless you are able to donate something, there will be a lot of rank in it. However, on the contrary, the Elite Royale pass is full of loot prizes.

The PUBG Mobile team is always working hard to update the game with new content, so we are covering all the latest seasonal developments below.

Therefore, without further ado, we keep everything you need to know about the latest seasonal updates, and free and elite Royal passes in PUBG Mobile so that you can work with the entire progress system.

What's in the latest update?

- Royal Pass - Season 4 (Update: 0.10) -

We have posted patch notes thanks to people on XDA-Developers.

New map and in-game
  • Vicede, 6 km x 6 km snow map
  • 20 DEC 2018 will be available for download at 0:00 UTC, and will be available for match after 24 hours
  • New weather mode added: snow
  • Vendée-exclusive vehicles: Snowmobile
  • Snowball Fight was added to VicDon's Spawn Island
  • Added layout for big-handed players
  • Added an exhibition for Crew Challenge winners on the Spangle Island of Arangel. Season 1 winner teams will appear on the spawn island of their respective servers and modes (Season 2 registration will begin at 18:00 DEC8 with 0:00 UTC)
  • The best results of players in the Crew Challenge will now be shown on their crew pages and can be shared with other players.

  • Added a snow theme to the main menu. Collect the bells from all the classic mode matches and exchange them for the award at the event center
  • The front page of the shop has been tuned to emphasize the topics of each major update

Match up
  • Added cross-server matchmaking. After enabling, players have the opportunity to match players of the same category on other servers
  • Soon after the start of the match, the players who are out of matches will now be barred from finding matches for a period of time.
  • Security

  • Suspicious behavior can be reported when the players are seen after dying.

  • Players can now collect all the daily mission rewards at once.
  • Added firearms finish upgrade system, where players can use the material in the lab to upgrade additional weapon effects, unique hitting transmission, and death warp crates to achieve some weapons.
  • Added Lucky Treasure, a feature which gives players the opportunity to complete Glacier-M416 on advanced weapon finishing on completing daily missions.
  • Season Spent Awards Spend different amounts to get excellent rewards and get discounts on firearms

  • Added Arabic Support
  • Players do not need to select another language for matchmaking and chat
  • Chat system now takes less memory and stores more messages
  • New commands added in Quick Chat

- Royal Pass - Season 4 (Update: 0.9.5) -

patch notes

  • Added M762 automatic rifle available on all maps.
  • New Sanhok Special Vehicle, Scooter Added
  • Dynamic weather was added to the number.
  • Hardcore mode added to the arcade - no auto settings, auto booty, auto door opening and goal support. No minimum sign and no bot.
  • Added more shotgun finishes, rare organizations, new character faces and hairstyles.
  • Fine-tuned the redemption feature.
  • Add more mission cards.
  • An event was added during Black Friday (November 23), which has been heavily discounted
  • Increased the difference of some crate droplets.

What is included with the Free Royal Pass?

To keep things good and simple, every PUBG mobile player will have a free royal pass. Complete the Daily or Challenge mission and you will earn the Royale Points, which will move towards your free pass ranking, which is at the top of the overall level of 45.

As you unlock some levels, you will be rewarded with cosmetic items, although Elite is too few to unlock compared to pass, which offers prizes at every level, as well as 25 additional ranks.

How much is the cost of Elite Royal Pass?

First things, you have got an option between two different aristocrats:

  • Elite Upgrades: 600 UC
  • Elite Upgrade Plus: 1,800 UC
UC PUBG is a mobile in-game currency that you can get by spending real world currency only.

To buy your Royale pass, just click on the down-right icon and you will be motivated to spend UC to get it. If there is no UC in your wallet, then click "OK" and you will be able to purchase it in the right quantity.

Here's the breakdown of UC levels:

  • 60 - US $ 0.99
  • 180 (+10 additional) - US $ 2.99
  • 600 (+60 additional) - US $ 9.99
  • 1500 (+300 extras) - US $ 24.99
  • 3000 (+850 additional) - US $ 49.99
  • 6000 (+2,100 additional) - US $ 99.99
Therefore, you will need to pay $ 9.99 for the elevate upgrade, and for the plus version it will cost you $ 24.99.

What will I get with Elite and Elite Plus Royal Pass?

Depending on which version you buy, you will earn a bunch of specific awards. We have broken them down for you.

Elite upgrade

  • Permanent rare weapon finish
  • Permanent rare sweatshirt.
  • Unlock Weekly Elite Mission
  • Unique Royale Pass Icon

Elite Plus Upgrade

  • Rank 20 worth of Royale points
  • Permanent rare airplane finish
  • Permanent Walking Outfits.
  • Permanent rare weapon finish
  • Permanent rare sweatshirt.
  • Unlock Weekly Elite Mission
  • Unique Royale Pass Icon
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What are the new features to unlock Elite Royale Passes?

Grab one of these passes and you'll unlock a seasonal progress system that will reward you with all kinds of items playing the game. Here's what you need to know:

Royale Points and Mission

When you run PUBG Mobile, you will be with the opportunity to earn Royal Points or RP. It is bound to complete the Daily or Challenge mission, such as "Get a Love. 3 matches in 5 matches" or "10 whole matches with friends".

All new missions will be springtime weekly and you will do more often than not start RP's ranking over time, whether you want it or not! This is a result of playing the game very naturally.

Below we will tell how RP Royale is involved in earning items.

Royale Pass Award List

The recruitment of Royale points will level your Royale Pass, which will have a maximum of 70 levels. One level unlocking will reward you with a special cosmetic or EXP booster item. Below we have put a list of all the prizes that you can expect to earn.

  • Airplane finish.
  • Rare clothes and dresses.
  • Emotes
  • Weapon finish
  • Room Card
  • Rare avatar frame.
It is worth noting that you can buy any kind of Royal Pass Tier with UC and you will unlock all associated awards in a moment.

Finally, when you reach the top ranks of 70, you will be able to earn some of the best cosmetics in the game. At this point you will not be able to climb tier and unlock items, so you have to collect different amount of RP to get the thing you like. Although they may take some time because they are all the way from 10 RP to 3,600 RP!

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